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Each extended matching set consists of a series of 5 questions with a list of 16 or 20 potential answers. The cursor will first appear in a blank box next to the first question. You are to type in your answers in each of these boxes for each question, then click the "Check Answer" button. The questions will be scored as correct or incorrect in the right column. Then click "Answer Key" to view the feedback for the questions.

Systemic Pathology

General Pathology

Clinical Pathology

Bone Atherosclerosis Chemistry
Breast Cell Injury Coagulation
CNS Forensic Pathology Cytogenetics
Cardiovascular Genetics Hematology
Endocrine Immunopathology Immunology
Gastrointestinal Inflammation Microbiology
Hematopathology Neoplasia Toxicology
Hepatic Nutrition Transfusion
Pulmonary Perinatal-Pediatric Urinalysis

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