Cellular Injury Index

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    Cell Histology

  1. Cell structure, diagram
  2. Cell components, diagram
  3. Cell connections, diagram
  4. Cell Adaptations

  5. Atrophy, muscle fibers, microscopic
  6. Atrophy, testis, gross
  7. Atrophy, cerebrum, gross
  8. Atrophy, centrilobular region of liver, microscopic
  9. Hypertrophy, heart, gross
  10. Hyperplasia, endometrium, gross
  11. Hyperplasia, prostate, gross
  12. Hyperplasia, prostate, microscopic
  13. Metaplasia, squamous, larynx, microscopic
  14. Metaplasia, gastric columnar mucosa in esophagus, microscopic
  15. Dysplasia, cervix, microscopic
  16. Cell Death

  17. Apoptosis, viral hepatitis, microscopic
  18. Apoptosis, fetal thymus, microscopic
  19. Coagulative necrosis, myocardial infarction, microscopic
  20. Coagulative necrosis, myocardial infarction, microscopic
  21. Coagulative necrosis, renal infarction, gross
  22. Coagulative necrosis, renal infarction, microscopic
  23. Coagulative necrosis, adrenal infarction, microscopic
  24. Coagulative necrosis, splenic infarctions, gross
  25. Small intestinal infarction, gross
  26. Liquefactive necrosis, lung abscesses, gross
  27. Liquefactive necrosis, liver abscess, microscopic
  28. Liquefactive necrosis, cerebral infarction, microscopic
  29. Liquefactive necrosis, cerebral infarction, microscopic
  30. Liquefactive necrosis, cerebral infarction, gross
  31. Liquefactive necrosis, cerebral infarction, gross
  32. Fat necrosis, pancreas, gross
  33. Fat necrosis, pancreas, microscopic
  34. Caseous necrosis, hilar lymph node, gross
  35. Caseous necrosis, extensive in lung, gross
  36. Caseous necrosis, lung, high power microscopic
  37. Gangrenous necrosis, foot, gross
  38. Gangrenous necrosis, lower extremity, gross
  39. Gangrenous necrosis, low power microscopic
  40. Cellular Accumulations

  41. Adiposity, review
  42. Mallory's hyaline, liver, microscopic
  43. Neurofibrillary tangles, Alzheimer disease, microscopic
  44. Fatty change, liver, microscopic
  45. Cirrhosis, liver, gross
  46. Amyloid deposition, Congo red stain, microscopic
  47. Alpha-1-antitrypsin deficiency with globules in liver, PAS stain, microscopic
  48. Gaucher disease, spleen, microscopic
  49. Lipochrome in hepatocytes, microscopic
  50. Hemosiderin in pulmonary macrophages, microscopic
  51. Hemosiderosis of liver, iron stain, microscopic
  52. Hemosiderin deposition in renal tubules, iron stain, microscopic
  53. Scleral icterus (jaundice) seen in eye, gross
  54. Bilirubin in liver (cholestasis), microscopic
  55. Jaundice (icterus) of skin, gross
  56. Anthracotic pigmentation seen on surface of lung, gross
  57. Anthracotic pigment in macrophages of hilar lymph node, microscopic
  58. Dystrophic calcification, stomach, microscopic
  59. Metastatic calcification of lung with hypercalcemia, microscopic

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