Inflammation Index

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    Features of Inflammation

  1. Erythema, gross
  2. Erythema and edema, gross
  3. Neutrophilia, peripheral blood, microscopic
  4. Laboratory instrument for generating CBC
  5. Exudation, microscopic
  6. Exudation, diagram
  7. Neutrophil in action, GIF animation
  8. Margination and diapedesis of neutrophils, microscopic
  9. Margination, diapedesis, and exudation, microscopic
  10. Exudation of fibrin, microscopic
  11. Neutrophil ingestion of bacteria, gram stain, microscopic
  12. Complement activation, alternate pathway, diagram
  13. Complement activation, classic pathway, diagram
  14. Phagocytosis, diagram
  15. Neutrophil function, diagram
  16. Inflammation with necrosis, low power microscopic
  17. Inflammation with necrosis, high power microscopic
  18. Mixed inflammation with macrophage phagocytosis, high power microscopic
  19. Edema, gross
  20. Edema in friction blister, gross
  21. Edema in larynx, gross
  22. Pleural effusion, serous, gross
  23. Pleural effusions, bilateral, serosanguinous, gross
  24. Chylous peritoneal effusion, gross
  25. Fibrinous exudate, pericardium, gross
  26. Fibrinous exudate, pericardium, microscopic
  27. Exudate (pseudomembranous enterocolitis), gross

  28. Acute Inflammation and Complications

  29. Purulent exudate, pericardial cavity, gross
  30. Purulent exudate, acute meningitis, gross
  31. Purulent exudate, acute peritonitis, gross
  32. Acute bronchopneumonia, microscopic
  33. Acute cholecystitis, microscopic
  34. Acute bronchopneumonia, microscopic
  35. Abscess formation, lung, gross
  36. Abscess formation, lung, gross
  37. Microabscess formation, heart, gross
  38. Abscess formation, myocardium, microscopic
  39. Abscessing bronchopneumonia, gross
  40. Abscessing bronchopneumonia, microscopic
  41. Abscessing bronchopneumonia, microscopic
  42. Ulceration, gastric mucosa, gross
  43. Ulceration, gastric mucosa, gross
  44. Ulceration, larynx, gross
  45. Ulceration, esophagus, gross
  46. Ulceration, foot, gross
  47. Gangrenous necrosis, lower leg, gross
  48. Systemic inflammatory response syndrome (SIRS), discussion

  49. Chronic Inflammation and Healing

  50. Chronic inflammation, diagram
  51. Chronic inflammation, endometrium, microscopic
  52. Chronic inflammation, cervix, microscopic
  53. Chronic inflammation, synovium of joint, microscopic
  54. Chronic interstitial inflammation, lung, microscopic
  55. Acute and chronic inflammation, microscopic
  56. Chronic inflammation with scarring, bronchus, gross
  57. Chronic inflammation with destruction of bronchial wall, microscopic
  58. Chronic abscess, lung, gross
  59. Organizing abscess, microscopic
  60. Granulation tissue, healing myocardial infarction, microscopic
  61. Granulation tissue, organizing abscess, microscopic
  62. Granulation tissue, high power microscopic
  63. Scarring, lung, microscopic
  64. Adhesions of pleura, gross
  65. Healing scar, skin, low power microscopic
  66. IgG4-related disease, summary

  67. Granulomatous Inflammation

  68. Granulomatous inflammation, extensive, lung, gross
  69. Granuloma, caseating, hilar lymph node, gross
  70. Granulomatous inflammation, lung, low power microscopic
  71. Granulomatous inflammation, medium power microscopic
  72. Granulomatous inflammation, high power microscopic
  73. Langhans giant cells in granuloma, high power microscopic
  74. Epithelioid cells in granuloma, high power microscopic
  75. Caseous necrosis in granuloma, medium power microscopic
  76. Caseous necrosis in granuloma, high power microscopic
  77. Miliary granulomas, gross
  78. Foreign body giant cell in granuloma, microscopic
  79. Foreign body giant cells in suture granuloma, microscopic
  80. Talc granulomatosis, pulmonary, polarized light microscopic
  81. Silicotic nodule, lung, microscopic

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