Female Genital Pathology Index

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    Cervix, Vagina, and Vulva:

  1. Normal cervix, gross
  2. Normal cervical squamous epithelium, microscopic
  3. Normal vagina with cervix and endocervix, gross
  4. Chronic cervicitis, microscopic
  5. Dysplastic and normal cervical squamous epithelium, low power microscopic
  6. Dysplastic and normal cervical squamous epithelium, high power microscopic
  7. Dysplastic vulvar epithelium, low power microscopic
  8. Pap smear, dysplasia, microscopic
  9. Squamous cell carcinoma, cervix, low power microscopic
  10. Squamous cell carcinoma, cervix, high power microscopic
  11. Squamous cell carcinoma, cervix, gross
  12. Squamous cell carcinoma, cervix, gross
  13. Squamous cell carcinoma, cervix, extensive, gross
  14. Squamous cell carcinoma, cervix, stage IV, exenteration, gross
  15. Squamous cell carcinoma, cervix, stage IV, exenteration, gross
  16. Endometrium:

  17. Normal proliferative endometrium, medium power microscopic
  18. Normal secretory endometrium, post-ovulatory day 2, high power microscopic
  19. Normal secretory endometrium, medium power microscopic
  20. Endometrial hyperplasia, gross
  21. Endometrial polyp, gross
  22. Endometrial cystic hyperplasia, microscopic
  23. Endometrial adenocarcinoma, gross
  24. Endometrial adenocarcinoma, gross
  25. Endometrial adenocarcinoma, gross
  26. Endometrial adenocarcinoma, medium power microscopic
  27. Endometrial adenocarcinoma, low power microscopic
  28. Uterus:

  29. Adenomyosis, gross
  30. Adenomyosis, microscopic
  31. GIF animation, endometriosis, diagram
  32. Endometriosis, low power microscopic
  33. Endometriosis, medium power microscopic
  34. Endometriosis, uterine serosa, gross
  35. Endometriosis, uterine serosa, gross
  36. Endometriosis, ovary, gross
  37. Uterus, leiomyoma, gross
  38. Uterus, leiomyomata, gross
  39. Uterus, leiomyoma, red degeneration, gross [MRI]
  40. Uterus, leiomyoma, microscopic
  41. Uterus, leiomyosarcoma, gross
  42. Uterus, leiomyosarcoma, microscopic
  43. Uterus, leiomyosarcoma, microscopic
  44. Uterus, leiomyosarcoma, microscopic
  45. Bifid uterus, gross
  46. GIF animation, ovulation, fertilization, implantation, diagram
  47. Uterus, third trimester pregnancy, gross
  48. Postpartum uterus, gross
  49. Uterus, second trimester pregnancy, gross
  50. Fallopian Tube:

  51. GIF animation, ectopic pregnancy, diagram
  52. Ectopic pregnancy, fallopian tube, ruptured, gross
  53. Ectopic pregnancy, fallopian tube, ruptured, gross
  54. Ectopic pregnancy, fallopian tube, low power microscopic
  55. Ectopic pregnancy, fallopian tube, medium power microscopic
  56. Tubo-ovarian abscess, gross
  57. Acute salpingitis, microscopic
  58. Paratubal cyst, gross
  59. Ovary:

  60. Ovary with corpora lutea, gross
  61. Ovary with hemorrhagic corpus luteum, gross
  62. Ovary with hemorrhagic corpus luteum, microscopic
  63. Ovary with follicular cyst, gross
  64. Ovary with theca-lutein cyst, microscopic
  65. Ovarian torsion, gross
  66. Ovarian fibrothecomas, gross
  67. Ovarian fibroma, gross
  68. Ovarian serous cystadenoma, gross
  69. Ovarian serous cystadenoma, large, gross
  70. Ovarian mucinous cystadenoma, gross
  71. Ovarian papillary serous cystadenocarcoma, gross
  72. Ovarian papillary serous cystadenocarcinoma, gross
  73. Ovarian borderline serous tumor, microscopic
  74. Ovarian serous cystadenocarcinoma, microscopic
  75. Ovarian serous cystadenocarcinoma with psammomma bodies, microscopic [IPX]
  76. Ovarian granulosa cell tumor, gross
  77. Ovarian granulosa cell tumor, low power microscopic
  78. Ovarian granulosa cell tumor, high power microscopic
  79. Ovarian dysgerminoma, gross
  80. Ovarian mature cystic teratomas, gross
  81. Ovarian mature cystic teratoma, gross
  82. Ovarian mature cystic teratoma, uterine leiomyomata, and ovarian fibroma, gross
  83. Struma ovarii, microscopic
  84. Ovarian Krukenberg tumor, gross

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