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After the Exam

Examinations can be utilized not only for assessment, but also as a learning tool. In order to serve as a learning tool, review of the examination must occur. This is typically done in a prescribed way, to maintain security of the examination. Students may be provided time for review as a group, or as individuals under supervision.

Evaluate your preparation

What did you find easiest and what was hardest? Why?

Though it is painful, carefully review questions you missed. Why were they missed? In general, mistakes tend to be repeated unless there is an intervention.

Did your study plan prepare you properly? Find out what needs more work. How will you make adjustments?

Evaluate your performance

Were you properly rested?

Were you able to control your anxiety and relax?

Did you pace yourself properly?

Did you mark your answer sheets properly?

Determine what you did right and repeat it the next time.

Determine what you did wrong and formulate a performance improvement plan.

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