Neoplasia Index

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  1. Definition
  2. Nomenclature
  3. Biology and causes
  4. Familial and sporadic neoplasms
  5. Cellular transformation
  6. Reversible to Irreversible Cellular Alterations

  7. Left ventricular hypertrophy, heart, gross
  8. Endometrial hyperplasia, gross
  9. Metaplasia to dysplasia Sequence
  10. Squamous metaplasia, larynx, microscopic
  11. Columnar metaplasia, esophagus, microscopic
  12. Dysplasia, cervix, low power microscopic
  13. Dysplasia, cervix, high power microscopic
  14. Dysplasia, cervix, Pap smear, high power microscopic
  15. Carcinoma-in-situ, cervix, high power microscopic
  16. Carcinoma, cervix, gross
  17. Squamous cell carcinoma, infiltrating, cervix, low power microscopic
  18. Squamous cell carcinoma, infiltrating, cervix, medium power microscopic
  19. Benign Neoplasms - Examples

  20. Characteristics of benign neoplasms - review
  21. Lipoma, small intestine, gross
  22. Lipoma, small intestine, low power microscopic
  23. Lipoma, small intestine, high power microscopic
  24. Leiomyomas, uterus, gross
  25. Leiomyoma, uterus, microscopic
  26. Adenomatous polyps, colon, gross
  27. Schwannoma, peripheral nerve, gross
  28. Schwannoma, peripheral nerve, microscopic
  29. Fibroadenoma, breast, gross
  30. Nevi, skin, gross
  31. Hepatic adenoma, liver, gross
  32. Malignant Neoplasms - Examples of Carcinomas

  33. Characteristics of malignant neoplasms - review
  34. Hepatocellular carcinoma, liver, gross
  35. Renal cell carcinoma, kidney, gross
  36. Melanoma, skin, gross
  37. Oat cell carcinoma of lung, invasive, gross
  38. Squamous cell carcinoma of lung, gross
  39. Infiltrating ductal carcinoma of breast, gross
  40. Infiltrating ductal carcinoma of breast, low power microscopic
  41. Infiltrating ductal carcinoma of breast, low power microscopic
  42. Adenocarcinoma of stomach, invasive, low power microscopic
  43. Adenocarcinoma with perineural invasion, high power microscopic
  44. Precursor tubular adenoma, colon, low power microscopic
  45. Precursor tubular adenoma, colon, medium power microscopic
  46. Adenocarcinoma, colon, gross, endoscopy
  47. Adenocarcinoma, characteristics, microscopic
  48. Adenocarcinoma, stomach, cytokeratin positive by immunostain, high power microscopic
  49. Adenocarcinoma, features seen in electron micrograph
  50. Squamous cell carcinoma, low power microscopic
  51. Squamous cell carcinoma, medium power microscopic
  52. Squamous cell carcinoma, high power microscopic
  53. Squamous cell carcinoma, features seen in electron micrograph
  54. Anaplastic carcinoma, high power microscopic
  55. Childhood small round blue cell tumor, high power microscopic
  56. Malignant Neoplasms - Examples of Sarcomas

  57. Sarcoma, retroperitoneum, gross
  58. Sarcoma, lower leg, gross
  59. Sarcoma, low power microscopic
  60. Sarcoma, medium power microscopic
  61. Sarcoma, high power microscopic
  62. Sarcoma, vimentin positive by immunostain, high power microscopic
  63. Osteosarcoma of bone, gross
  64. Osteosarcoma of bone, medium power microscopic
  65. Liposarcoma, gross
  66. Liposarcoma, medium power microscopic
  67. Liposarcoma, high power microscopic
  68. Metastases

  69. Metastases to liver, gross
  70. Metastasis to lymph node, microscopic
  71. Metastases to lung, microscopic
  72. Metastases to peritoneum, gross
  73. Metastases to pleura, microscopic
  74. Metastases to epicardium with angiogenesis, microscopic
  75. Micrometastases to lymph node, microscopic
  76. Biologic Characteristics of Neoplasms

  77. Oncogenesis - Review
  78. Oncogenesis, diagram
  79. Oncogenesis, diagram
  80. Oncogenesis, symbolic diagram
  81. Oncogenesis, mechanisms, table
  82. Oncogenesis, examples, table
  83. Oncogenesis, breast cancer with HER2 positivity, immunostain, high power microscopic
  84. Oncogenesis, carcinoma with C-MYC positivity, immunostain, medium power microscopic
  85. Oncogenesis, lymphoma with BCL-2 positivity, immunostain, low power microscopic
  86. Aneuploidy by flow cytometry, diagram
  87. Mitotic figure in squamous cell carcinoma, high power microscopic
  88. Abnormal mitoses, high power microscopic
  89. Paraneoplastic syndromes, table
  90. Morphologic appearances - review
  91. Grading and staging of malignant neoplasms, tables
  92. Diagnostic methods for malignant neoplasms, table
  93. Tumor markers
  94. Treatment methods - Review
  95. Reporting the diagnosis of neoplasia

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