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The manuals for this section have been compiled by Susan L. Wall, HT(ASCP). These manuals are in Adobe Acrobat PDF format and require the Acrobat Reader for viewing.

Staining Manuals

Fixative Solutions: Each of the following .PDF files contains the procedure plus a sample container label.

95% Alcoholic Bouin's Fixative

95% Alcohol Fixative

B5 Fixative

Bouin's Fixative

Formalin Fixative

Karnovsky's Fixative (glutaraldehyde)

Hartman's Fixative

Hollande's Fixative

Orth's Solution (dichromate fixative)

Zenker's Fixative

Stock Solutions: Each of the following .PDF files contains the information regarding the use and preparation of a working solution.

Acid cleaning solution for glassware

Bluing solution for hematoxylin stain

Celloidin slide adhesive

Chrome alum adhesive

Glycerin water mounting medium

H and E acid decolorizing rinse

Hypo (sodium thiosulfate)

Lugol's iodine for mercury removal

Metal embedding mold release

Paraffin block softening solution

Miscellaneous Labels

Staining Procedures: Each of the following .PDF files contains the procedure for a special stain, a procedure card, and sample container labels for the reagents.


Acid Fast Stain (for mycobacteria)

Acid Fast Stain (Ziehl-Neelsen, for M. leprae and Nocardia) [contributed by Greg Winn, Specialist Histopathology & Cytology Services, Western Australia]

Fite's Acid Fast Stain

Alcian Blue Stain

Alcian Blue-PAS Stain (PAB)

Hyaluronidase Digestion for Alcian Blue

Alizarin Stain for calcium

Auramine-Rhodamine Stain (fluorescent)

Bielschowsky Stain (for senile plaques)

Bile Stain

Bodian's Stain

Colloidal Iron Stain

Congo Red Stain

Copper Stain

Elastic van Gieson Stain

Elastic - Weigert's resorcin-fuchsin method

Modified Elastic van Gieson Stain

Fontana-Masson Stain for melanin

Melanin Bleach

Fraser Lendrum Stain

Giemsa (Modified May-Gruenwald) Stain (for hematopoietic tissues)

Giemsa Stain (for Helicobacter)

Gram (Modified Brown-Brenn) Stain

Gridley's Stain for ameba

Grimelius Argyrophil Stain (Pascual's Method)

Grocott's Methenamine Silver (GMS) Stain

Holzer's Glial Fiber Stain

Hortega's Pineal Stain

Iron Stain (Prussian blue)

Iron Stain (Turnbull's blue)

Jones' Silver Stain

Luxol Fast Blue (LFB) Stain

Methyl Green Pyronin (MGP) Stain

Mucicarmine Stain

Nissl Stain

Oil Red O Stain

Orcein Stain

Periodic acid-Schiff Stain (PAS)

Periodic acid-Schiff, digested Stain (PAS-D)

PTAH Stain

Reticulin Stain

Spirochete Stain (Steiner & Steiner method)

Sudan Black B Stain (for lipochrome)

Sudan Black B Stain (for fat)

Trichrome Stain - Masson's method

Trichrome Stain - microwave method

Thioflavin S Stain (for amyloid in tissues)

Modified Thioflavin S Stain (for senile plaques)

Toluidine Blue Stain (for mast cells)

Urate Crystal Stain

VonKossa Stain for calcium

Safety Procedures

Bloodborne Pathogens (Exposure Control Plan)

Working with Chemicals

Chemical Hygiene Safety

Chemical Inventory

Emergency Procedures

Facilities (engineering controls)

Safety Equipment (engineering controls)

Training Records

Tuberculosis Guidelines

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