WebPath: the Internet Pathology Laboratory for Medical Education

The following hardware and software are used to create the WebPath resources:

  • Most of WebPath was originally created with a Macintosh 8100 computer with 16MB of RAM, 1 GB hard disk drive, and 17" monitor. A Mac Powerbook is now in use

  • Digital images are added to a permanent archive

  • Image editing software (e.g., GIMP) creates the .jpg and .gif images

  • A simple text editor (TexEdit) is used to create the html files, which are essentially repetitive throughout this web site

  • The program called Gifbuilder is used to generate animated gif image files

  • HTML and JavaScript programming code is generated and reviewed and updated with TextWrangler

  • Standard web browsers are used to preview the html files

  • The FTP client program called Transmit is used to upload files to the Eccles Library Web Server

The use of the WWW server for multimedia has provided the following advantages:

  • Additions to and editing of the materials can be accomplished in minutes (traditional textbooks take years to develop)

  • The materials are available worldwide from any computer connected to the Internet with WWW client software -- students can study at home, which adds a safety factor for evening study, enhances family life, and extends time for child care

  • Distribution of materials to the students electronically assures availability (no more "I didn't get that" or "Those slides were lost")

  • The technology supporting the WWW continues to expand rapidly, assuring further capabilities and improvements