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    Blunt Force and Physical Trauma:

  1. Hemopericardium, gross
  2. Aorta, tear with laceration, gross
  3. Liver, fractures and lacerations with blunt force injury, gross
  4. Skull fracture, base, orbital plate, gross
  5. Skull fractures, cranial vault, gross
  6. Scalp contusions, gross
  7. Skin of arm, contusion, gross
  8. Skin of leg, abrasions, gross
  9. Skin of leg, abrasions, gross
  10. Skin of abdomen, patterned abrasions, gross
  11. Skin of forehead, laceration, gross
  12. Skin of hand, lacerations, gross
  13. Skin of hand, incised wound, gross
  14. Fat embolism, lung, high power microscopic
  15. Fat embolism, lung, Oil red O stain, high power microscopic
  16. Fat embolism, glomerulus, high power microscopic
  17. Fat embolism, brain, gross
  18. Fat embolism, brain, gross
  19. Fat embolism, brain, high power microscopic
  20. Shaken baby syndrome, model, gross
  21. Shaken baby syndrome, retinal hemorrhages, gross
  22. Shaken baby syndrome, brain with axonal retraction balls, high power microscopic
  23. Mechanical asphyxia with conjunctival petechiae, gross
  24. Brain death, cerebral perfusion scan
  25. Environmental Accidents:

  26. Drowning, middle ear hemorrhages, gross
  27. Drowning, lung, microscopic
  28. Sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS), model, gross
  29. Carbon monoxide poisoning, gross
  30. Hypothermia, scene
  31. Hyperthermia, scene
  32. Thermal burn injury from fire, gross
  33. Thermal burn injury from scalding with hot liquid, gross
  34. Thermal burn injury, partial thickness, low power microscopic
  35. Thermal burn injury, full thickness, low power microscopic
  36. Electrocution injury, hand, gross
  37. Cerebral edema with altitude sickness, gross
  38. Amniotic fluid embolism, lung, microscopic
  39. Radon gas, scene
  40. Drug Abuse and Poisoning:

  41. Drug paraphernalia in box, gross
  42. Bags of cocaine in stomach, gross
  43. Hand with lacerations, gross
  44. Skin of antecubital fossa, dermal hemorrhage at injection site, gross
  45. Skin of arm, irregular circular scars from "skin popping", gross
  46. Alcohol consumption, scene and discussion
  47. Methanol poisoning, discussion
  48. Poisoning in the home, discussion
  49. Trauma with Sharp Instruments:

  50. Mechanism of defense wounds, gross
  51. Defense wound on forearm, gross
  52. Defense wounds on hand, gross
  53. Comparison of single and double edge knife wounds in clay model, gross
  54. Knife, single edge, with hilt, gross
  55. Stab wound, skin, single edge blade, gross
  56. Stab wound, skin, single edge blade with hilt mark, gross
  57. Firearms Injuries:

  58. Gun, autoloading, semi-automatic, 9 mm pistol, gross
  59. Gun, autoloading, semi-automatic, 9 mm pistol with clip, gross
  60. Gun, revolver, .38 cal, gross
  61. Gun, semi-automatic rifle, .308 cal, gross
  62. Bullet cartridges, diagram
  63. Gunshot residue, pattern by SEM-EDX, diagram
  64. Common rifle and handgun cartridges, gross
  65. Deformed bullet recovered from shooting victim, gross
  66. Striations on bullets, gross
  67. Bullet track in clay model, gross
  68. Contact range gunshot wound, gross
  69. Contact range gunshot wound, gross
  70. Contact range gunshot wound, gross
  71. Contact range gunshot wound, gross
  72. Range of fire, gunshot to skull, diagram
  73. Skull, contact range gunshot wound, gross
  74. Gunshot entrance wound with GSR, microsopic
  75. Intermediate range gunshot wound, gross
  76. Intermediate range gunshot wound, gross
  77. Entrance-exit wound in close proximity from low angle of bullet entrance, gross
  78. Exit gunshot wound, gross

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